History of Mackenzie Catholic Church


Settlement of Mackenzie began in 1966 with the building of Williston Lake, which opened the area to forestry and the pulp industries.  

1966-1968 –

Served by Priests from Prince George, BC (Clenaghan and Rayner, OMIs; O’Rourke, OP

1968-1971 –

English Catholics of St. Bridgid’s Parish, Archdiocese of York, Huddersfield, England, adopted Mackenzie as their mission.  Each year a priest was sent to serve the mission, as well as lay volunteers.  (Frs. John Roche, Leo Walsh and Harry Clarke) and 6 lay volunteers in total.

1970 –

Fr. MacLennan, OMI,  continued weekend ministry and during this time the Mackenzie Catholic Committee was organized and a trailer purchased on Skeena Drive, which became the “Community Church” shared by Catholics and Anglicans.

1971 –

Parish assumed responsibility of operating the McLeod Lake Mission; Fr. MacLennan purchased Community Church on Skeena Dr. for $1.00 and St. Peter’s Parish formally established.


1972 –

September – Resident pastor appointed, Fr. James Glendon, and St. Peter’s, United & Anglican opened the Community Church. He soon thereafter purchased a house at 106 Crysdale as a rectory.


1974 –

April 1 – the number of Catholics grew, St. Peter’s and Hope Lutheran contracted to use Lutheran church for services, although program of church blessing states Hope Lutheran used from 1973 to fall of 74.  The rectory basement was renovated as a chapel and ultimately project of building a church had begun. 

1975 –

Fr. Patrick Keane resident Priest


1976 –

Fr. Jan Iglicki resident Priest until June of 1980


1977 –1978 -

During this period the “Community Church” burned and Mass was celebrated in the school gym until the  present church building of St. Peter's was was built.


1979 – June 29 –

St. Peter's church was completed and then blessed by Bishop O’Grady


1981 – 1983-

(Jan) Fr. Jim Saginario resident priest


1983 – Jan –

Fr. Carl Frankemolle – Deceased October 14, 1983.


1984 – June 1988 –

Fr. Jim Saginario returned as the resident priest,  during this time we had a high school from grades 8 - 12


1987 -

Pastoral Assistant – Zinia Pritchard came until Dec. 1988


1988 – August 1991 -

Fr. Jim McGee OMI was the resident priest


1991 – 1993 –

there was no Priest  during this time we had Monsignor Turgeon come and help to further form the ministries in the parish


1993 – 1995 –

Fr. Pier Pandolfo was the non-resident priest and Sisters Rita Smith and Pat Boucher came the summer of 1993.


1995 (Sept) – 2000 (Oct)-

Fr. John Mulligan resident priest and Sister Germaine Rosenberger came Aug. 1999 to Aug 2004


2003 Oct – Aug. 04 –

Fr. Jose Mari Joaquin


2004 – to Sept 2014–

Martha Primus, Pastoral Life Director.  During this period there were priests available who provided sacramental  ministry and  Sunday Eucharist.  The community was small, but very strong and faithful.

2014 Sept - to Aug 2014  -

Fr. Rene Antonio - Fr. Rene was ordained as a diocesan priest for the Diocese of Prince George in May 2014. St. Peter's is pleased to have Fr. Rene as a resident priest.

2014 December -

Fr. Ronald Sequeira (Fr, Ron)  was born in 1979 in India.  He did his philosophical studies in Mysore and pursued his Theological studies in Rachol  Major Seminary in Goa-India. In May 17, 2009 he was  ordained as a Carmelite Priest in Mangalore- India. As a newly ordained Priest he was sent to the Carmelite Retreat Center in India for two years. Was sent by his provincial superior to Tanzania- East Africa, where he actively served in the parish for two more years. Then he was sent to Canada in 2013, since then he was been the Pastor of St. Mary;s church in Hagersville Ontario. He has been appointed as a associate pastor to the  Sacred Heart Cathedral in Prince George as well as Pastor of St. Peter Church.